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We’re located in the heart of the city. 

It’s easy to find us, but hard to leave.

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We are Sooooooo easy to find, just follow below.


From Brighton Train Station

The easiest way is to come out the Queens Road entrance and head down the hill to North Street. Hang a right at the clock tower and you will see churchill shopping centre on your left. Head there with it on your left and keep walking along Western Road, passing MacDonalds, Primark, Waitrose & Bankers Restaurant. You then get to Co-Op Hove and Waterloo Street is the next left. We are 4 doors down - Number 36 on the door !!


By Taxi

Taxi's are available from most places in Brighton as are Ubers. Just pin us in Google maps and you can follow the route they are taking. From the Bus or Trains station should be no more than £6 depending on how many of you and number of bags.



Front the beachfront aim for the Peace Statue, the use the lights to cross to the other side and you will see Waterloo Street on the left. Just head up to the top of the street and we are 4th down on the right.


36 Waterloo Street, Brighton, BN3 1AY

Our contact form is not for availability quieries. Please go to our booking page for that, via the pictures on the

Rooms & Dorms page. We only provide telephone numbers for guests who book with us.Thank you.

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